Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Bee's Ability to Tell Time

I am currently reading a book called "Time". It discusses the different aspects of the element of time. It is written by Eva Hoffman, and goes through the human relationship with time through out body, culture, and mind. The understanding of time in regards to ourselves is an interesting concept.

In regards to time and our body, I have found a new appreciation for our "biological clock" and how it related to our lives so specifically. How in relation to our surroundings we judge time differently, or how our biological clock knows when our metabolism should start running (even if we don't help in the morning), or how during pregnancy a womans body relies on their biological clock in relationship to stages of the pregnancy, all the way down to the 40 weeks of pregnancy and birth of all health babies around that same time period--or how the body knows when it is time.

However, one thing that I had not know, or not thought of was that of the bee, and their own abilities in relation to time. Bee's, through their dance or "waggles" are able to not only give details directions on how to get to the flower(s) that are pollinating, but are able to give accurate details indicating when time during the day the flower is best pollinating. The bees biological clocks are able to judge and give accurately a telling of the time in which a certain location of flowers are pollinating. I thing this is an incredible example of the differences in viewing time.

There will be more to come as I continue reading this book. It's a new and different insight to time and its personal relationship with us.

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