Friday, October 22, 2010

To The Best Of Our Knowledge: Facing Time

On a recent episode of PRI's To The Best Of Our Knowledge, they discussed a couple interesting aspects of time. CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast where they discuss...

A mechanical clock which measures astronomic and calendric cycles which is being designed to run for ten thousand years.

Is time travel science fiction or science fact?

In a musical composition, does time flow from point A to point B?

The cultural revolution of slowness.

An Aboriginal concept which rejects linear time.


Cap said...

Is time travel science fiction or science fact?

Easy, science fact that makes for a good science fiction. Traveling in the future is very factual and has deep roots in relativity. Into the past is tricky but there are valid theories.

10 points for me.

Anonymous said...

Time travel IS science fact!! And everybody does it. Think about it. We are all traveling forward through time in "real time". If we weren't we would be stuck at 3:15, Feb.10, 2012...not fun.