Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time Travel In Comics: Demo

Demo #5 "Stranded" just came out last week and is an awesome one-shot story written by Brian Wood and illustrated by Becky Cloonan. It is about a successful investor named Elisabeth who has the ability to time travel. But as a child, she was raised in an abusive household and now has difficulty in her personal relationships. In this story, she goes back in time to visit herself when she was a young girl. She gives herself some advice...

and does something major to change the events in her past. When she returns to the present, will she see that things have changed as a result of her advice? Or will her actions come back to haunt her? And how exactly did she get this time traveling ability?

It is available now at your local comicbook store and is only $2.99, so I suggest you check it out yourself for a cool little time travel story.

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Matsby said...

As I can see, nobody is interested in this comic I'm telling you about. Well, let me add one little piece of the story I had left out in my description...

Elisabeth is also a hot lesbian.

Perhaps that has changed your mind?