Monday, May 24, 2010

The Paradox Problems

Paradoxes are the biggest setback for anyone wishing to travel through time. Are you going to screw things up for the future? Who will notice? Is it even possible? I have so many questions. I have researched this and other questions I have quite thoroughly and believe that we are looking at time in the wrong way. (These, of course, are my own theories).

The problem with the paradox theories is that they assume that throughout time travel the chain of events is still current. They treat non-linear time as linear. The fact of the matter is that when you travel back in time you create a new timeline—one that has already been created in the future. It is as if we are all suckers to fate. Therefore, if someone was to go back in time and kill both of your grandparents or even you; as long as you had broken that linear time-line by traveling at some point back in time you sever all connections with your previous time-line. You essentially are born again each time you travel through the cylinders.

But wouldn’t that mean that there are multiple copies of yourself?


But how would your mass be in two or three places at once?

This is a problem that I have been wondering/studying for some time and have come to the conclusion that your mass is not associated with the space-time entanglement that has become a part of time travel, (especially that in the past).

So, how it is possible to travel back and not screw up your analogous self? If you go back and stop your parents or your grandparents from meeting than your analogous self is never born, therefore you never travelled back in time.

I feel, in regards to time travel, this is an important thing to understand. One of the important things to remember is that you travel through space-time, not only time—our matter is transferred.

*Look at graph below.

If a traveler from point c returns to space-time point b where they did not exist before and causes a new branching, one where their parents never meet and travels down this new branch they are then free to bring about the non-existence of their analogous self on timeline b-e-f.

Now, the grandfather paradox generally says if we interrupted the causal chain that happened on b-c-d, (kill our grandfather) which had brought about that persons own existence; and if this interruption resulted in her nonexistence of her analogous self, the person would than cease to exist—that person then will not journey into the past from point c therefore that person would not have travelled back in time and now ceases to exist at point b or after.

However, interrupting one’s own timeline in no way affects the existence of the time traveler who left at point c—only the possibility of development of their analogous self.

*graph starts at the bottom and works its way up.

So, does your memory change

No. If you go back in time and visit yourself, that version of you will have the memory of his future self talking to him. Once that version travels through a cylinder the memory stays with it—it’s another dimension within the same physical dimension. It’s another dimension of time. There are past versions of yourself but they themselves will live out an existence different than the one the future self lives.

Time is the fourth dimension, but within time’s dimension there lies many, many dimensions. These, however, only exist within our one physical dimension—this is why there would be multiple versions of ourselves and occasionally different outcomes in our lives.

Looking at time as it should be looked at, (as a fourth dimension), will help to understand that there is a way to travel back in time. If you travel backwards in time, you bring your matter with you onto that new causal time period that just with your existence changes things. However, rest assured that you can indeed kill yourself and live. It’s a nifty trick.


Apple said...

I'm going to travel back and tell myself to invest in IBM and Apple--that way at least in one timeline I'll be rich (I know how happy that would make me).

Matsby said...

Diverging timelines that create parallel universes, I can understand. When one of those is created, I understand the principal of multiple timelines. I am still trying to wrap my head around same physical space / different timelines.