Friday, April 23, 2010

Time Traveller Saves the Day

I just read an awesome story of a guy that saved a woman from getting hit by a bus, and then on the spot came up with the idea of pretending that he was from the future, and was sent back to prevent the grandmother of a famous man from getting killed in the past.
I'm totally going to do something like this myself next time I save someone's life. (Finally there's an upside!)


Matsby said...

That's awesome! I am going to start telling people that whenever I do anything. Like let someone go before me in the check-out isle or hold open a elevator door.

"You're welcome mam, if you didn't make it to the fourth floor in the next 2 minutes, trust me, the future would have been a terrible place!"

Johnna said...

So awesome, saying he had come from the future. My husband and I are delighted.