Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Time Flies / Great Minds Think Alike

Last month I posted some of my ideas about manipulating the way we experience time. I was thinking maybe if we could change the way time feels to us we could make unpleasant situations feel as though they were going by more quickly.

Well THIS new article talks about scientists who are thinking almost the same thing as me. But their idea is that by tricking the brain into thinking time has gone by more quickly, it actually can make you think that the unpleasant experience is actually more pleasant...

"In another study, the researchers misled people about how long they'd be listening to some unpleasant sounds. When people were made to feel that time had dragged by, they reported really hating the sounds. 'But in the 'time flies' condition, they just sort of slightly disliked it,' says Sackett."

And they even touch on the idea that maybe time didn't go by quickly because you were enjoying yourself, but maybe you remember having enjoyed yourself because time went by quickly.

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