Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time Travel Movies

Dr Ronald Mallett (a physicist who is working on time travel and author of the book Time Traveler) has a list of his favorite time travel movies HERE. That link also shows a good list of other time travel movies and their plots.

The website just recently listed their top 10 greatest time travel movies HERE.

My favorite time travel movie is Déjà Vu with Denzel Washington. I also really like Frequency a lot. Even though there’s no actual time travel, there is communication across time and changing history happening.

Also I saw Timecrimes last night and although it's not my favorite, it does introduce some very interesting themes and I would recommend it to everyone (warning: it does show boobs). 

What’s your favorite time travel movie?


Robert Vollman said...

Back to the Future is definitely my favourite time travel film. Even though the scenes with her mom were kind of gross.

Planet of the Apes was really good too, but it wasn't really about time travel. It's only loosely related to it.

Anonymous said...

Hoping you can help...saw hot tub time machine last night and am now in a "lougle" race to find the earliest african american time far planet of the apes wins. But you seem to really know your stuff. Anything pre ape you can think of? it would be much appreciated. if anything comes to mind. I'd really love to win this debate!

David said...

BTTF obviously. hot tub was just a cheap crappy ripoff that spent most of its money on reshoots and music rights. butterfly effect director's cut and alternate ending was the most intense on how everything can change. the time machine (2002) had the best talking scenes and time changing scenes of any of these. nickelodeon even had a decent time travel movie called minutemen.