Sunday, July 5, 2009

Free Time Travel Concept Album

Click HERE and download for free a concept album by an artist who performs under the name Fakesensations. The album is called Isaac And the Secret Chord and is actually really good. That link will allow you to download all the tracks but two. Those two are not essential to the story but can be purchased at iTunes in case you want the story a little more fleshed out. 

I liked the album much more than I thought I would and I am actually very excited about the story it tells. Here is what I understand of the story (though it could be I understood some of it wrong)...

George is a physicist who has discovered a means of time travel (a secret chord played on a special guitar – he discovers this chord after listening to Leonard Cohen’s album, Various Positions) and has gone back in time to the 1966 to visit a woman he once loved named Sylvie – who I believe had died (though maybe she had just left him?). 

Isaac is his son in the present. Isaac goes through his dad’s notebooks and learns about the chord. He goes back and finds his dad with Sylvie. He urges George to come back, but George doesn’t want to go back. He has chosen to trade that timeline as it was for a chance at a life with Sylvie.  

Then we discover that the reason Sylvie and George had ended in the original timeline is because Professor Rex (George’s old lab partner who did not want Sylvie and George’s relationship interfering with their work) had shown up at her door one night after George left. But now because the timeline had been changed, Professor Rex ends up abducting Isaac to learn the secret means of time travel.

The story ends with Isaac “stranded in time” by Professor Rex who has sent him into the distant future. And Sylvie saying that we need to find Professor Rex.  

Listen to it. I'd love to hear what you think. 

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