Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Hear Everything Forever"

HERE's another cool link that my friend, GST sent me. It's a podcast that talks about Guglielmo Marconi and Italian inventor and his idea about a machine that GST described to me as "like the Chronovisor, but an audio version." You can listen to it, or I transcribed some of it here...

"Marconi became convinced that sound never dies. That sound waves once emitted from a radio or from the vibrating strings of a Stradivarius, from whispering lovers, from a baby discovering how to make a 'bah' or 'guh' sound for the first time... sound lived on forever. Its waves flowing permanently but growing weaker and weaker with each moment. We just hadn't built a radio powerful enough to tune in the signal...  

He would tell people if he got it right he could hear Jesus of Nazereth giving the Sermon on the Mount. But he would be able to hear everything ever said. Everything he ever said. At the end of his life he could sit in his piazza in Rome and hear everything that was ever said to him or about him. He could relive every toast and testimonial. And we all could. Hear everything. Hear Caesar, hear Shakespeare give an actor a line reading, hear my grandmother introduce herself to my grandfather in a night club in Rhode Island, hear someone tell you that they love you that first time they told you they love you. 

Hear everything. Forever. " 

I love it.

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