Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Star Trek Movie Time Travel



I thought it was great, but I just wanted to briefly discuss the time travel aspects of the movie.


Basically the beginning of the movie is the beginning of a diverging timeline (branch theory). So in fact, this is not a reboot of the franchise, but just a completely new timeline (created when Nero came back in time and altered when he destroyed the Enterprise and killed Kirk’s dad) that runs parallel to the timeline that the original series and movies took place.


I like how they played it with old man Spock remembering events as they occurred in his timeline and how they actually unfold differently in this new universe. And because they went with a parallel timeline, they were able to avoid creating any complicated paradoxes.


Your thoughts?


Robert Vollman said...

Spock had travelled back in time on at least four other occasions, and at no other time did it create a diverging timeline. In fact, in one of them it was to restore his own.

Matsby said...

So Vollman is calling J.J. Abrams a liar.

workhard said...

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Robert Vollman said...

That last guy raises a very good point, I'm glad he came by.